Jan. 19, 2020, 3:15 p.m.

‘Many a calm river begins at turbulent waterfalls,

Yet none hurtles and foams all the way to the sea.’

  • Mikhail Lermontov

Mikhail Lermontov was a Russian romantic writer; here in the above quotation he describes the instability of nativity and the seriousness of maturity through the example of rivers.

The nativity and childhood are full of innocent mischievous adventures which we all experience. The river as mentioned above is very wobbly and fierce at its initial state. It falls from the waterfall with enormous speed, producing foams and ferocious waves.

But when we look at it, after it travels some distance, it looks calm, beautiful and smooth. Like the old mature people, leading the smooth lives.

The turbulent helps the river travel the long distance.

We can compare life with this river theory, can’t we?

The initial vicious behavior of river makes it cover the long distances. This forces it to the path of eternity, just like river, we need some initial fierce force to make us move.

The desire to gain anything works as this force and make us move. The desire is what keeps pushing us to achieve our goal.

But sometimes we become so desperate to achieve our goal that we prefer to create its illusion… Okay let us look at one example,

Our desperation to achieve what we desire make us stressed, believe it or not, we all stress on some or other things, everyday. The stress is now an important part of our lives.

The perfect lives, we encounter everyday through the different social media sites, makes us more insecure and hence more stressed. We have a fierce desire to prove that we are perfect, are leading the best lives and are really happy. So, the social media becomes a source to make us believe this, we post happy pictures to make ourselves and other believe the illusion of happiness and perfectness.

This desperation to attain perfection, sometimes make our lives miserable. Why can’t we just learn to love our imperfections? These imperfections symbolize the struggles; we faced to reach to the place where we are now.

The struggles; the pain we bore to come this far. We all follow a long and very hard path to achieve whatever we wish for; some of us are halfway there, some are beginners and some are achievers. The one who are halfway there are facing the most difficult part. The beginners are just adjusting themselves. Achievers on the other hand are figuring to stay at the position or achieve more. We are all struggling in the different levels of the game called life.

The imperfections, tell us the stories of our failures; the stories of our achievements and the stories where it all started.

We can learn from the nature; like everything it sustains, its imperfections are also beautiful. For example, the tree leaves, they are never perfectly green, some are pale, some are yellow and some are dry, but overall the tree is always beautiful.

The beauty doesn’t need any definitions, it’s us who create a so called idea of perfect beauty. Everything is beautiful in its own special way.

Beauty according to me is in maturity, just like the river… It starts with fierce and vicious force and becomes the beautiful, calm and smooth.

We look at the last stage and try to attain it; we neglect the long and never ending process it has gone through. We forget that the process is the most satisfying part, where we can observe ourselves growing. And it also increases the joy of success.