6 Important Things Of Product Detail Pages For Conversion

Nov. 14, 2019, 3:50 p.m.

Home page poses a great impact on a first time user’s mind, whereas the product detail page should be very informative, cleverly built with content & images, smooth working and the list goes on. In most cases, owners pay special attention to the Home page, neglecting the product pages. Less they know, doing this is killing their conversion rates.

In every eCommerce business, Product detail pages play a very crucial role. The high resolution images should be compressed well while keeping high clarity and understandable. The content should be informative and not in a story format; keep it precise and easy to read. Multiple factors affect product pages and thus, many owners choose to outsource eCommerce catalog management services.

Let’s discuss the 6 important things of Product detail pages that play a crucial role in increasing the conversion rate:

1. Product Page Title

The product title should impart highlighted information regarding the product; for example – product type, colour, USP, gender specific usage, etc.

2. Product Description

This part gives you the maximum where you can convey the details and USP of the content. A product description should have:

·        Lucrative & informative language

·        Focus on the benefits and features of the product

·        Describe the fabric, size, options, material and other important details

·        Write 100% original unique descriptions to improve SEO traffic and get better in search engines.

3. Product Images

Images say a thousand words than just content and also, in online shopping, customers can feel their product only through the online store images. Images should be large yet compressed, beautiful yet informative and taken from multiple angles. In Amazon Product Listing Services, specialists pay special attention in compressing HD images and follow Amazon listing rules.

A quality image increases conversion rate very easily encourages your customer to buy the product.

4. Meta Tags/URL

Meta Tags make an impressive effect on SEO strategy. It impacts SEO listings and conversion rates.

5. Customers Review and Ratings

Customer reviews and ratings make a great impression on customers’ mind. In research, it has been found that 75% of customers like to read the reviews first before purchasing from the site.

6. Return Policy Information

In Amazon Product Listing Services, return policy information is one of the biggest things that customer rely on. It is important to reassure your customers before purchase. A solid return and refund policy build the trust factor in the customers’ mind.