5 Must-Have Accessories For Your Indowestern Dress

Nov. 14, 2019, 3:41 p.m.

A right accessory or jewellery can simply spiff up the appearance of an outfit. Thus, it is very necessary to choose the right outfits with your dresses; and one such latest and modern style Indowestern, for which selection of accessories becomes a little bit hard.

Indowestern dresses showcase the exquisite fusion of Indian designs with the western style. The fashion-forward women prefer to wear this type of stylish dresses in their work mode as well as casual moments, as they prefer utmost comfort along with a euphoric style statement.

But do you know with which accessories your Indie dress will look more aesthetic? Be it designer necklace or trendy pair of earrings, a right choice can easily amplify your appearance. Well, we have your back with a list of 5 must-have accessories for your Indowestern dresses. Check them out!

Folded Clutch

A folded clutch is a stylish and more flexible type of women’s bag that can ensure all your belongings are kept safe inside it. It has a long compartment and may have inner side pockets to contain nitty-gritty. These types of ladies handbags are available in many colours and materials such as suede, artificial leather, faux, etc.

These go well with modern Indowestern dresses and are also easy to carry. These picks will never bother you when you are carrying your personality out there. 

Antique Locket or Long Pendant

A long antique locket is all that you want to grace your Indowestern dress. They are available with various types of pendant designs. So, choose yours which gel along with the design of your dress. The rustic look of these pendants give a raw touch to your beauty and complement the contemporariness of the dress.

Choose a pair of antique silver-plated earrings to look classy.

A Larger Than Life Ring

A woman can hundreds of rings in her drawer and still can urge for more. With every dress, the style of rings can be changed and you can wear the same type with different dresses. These never much bother the styling of your complete outfit. But you should match the tone of your dressing with the style of the ring. For instance, a lavish ring and a tribal designer necklace would look just perfect with an Indowestern dress.

Embroidered Mules

Mules are the modern days’ flip flops to wear during easy days. Whether you have a laid back time or having a hectic schedule, these mules with an Indowestern dress will never let you do the heavy work. They are the most comfortable yet stylish picks among the different types of footwear that gel well with Indowestern dresses.  

Lavish Pearl Earrings

Let’s ditch your designer necklace this time and accentuate your fashion connoisseur’s look with just a pair of lavish pearl earrings. The pearls are available in different types such as grey pearl, rose pink pearl, golden pearl, etc. Choose a pearl set as per the design and contrasting colour of your dress.