It's from parent to parent.....

Aug. 2, 2019, 2:18 p.m.

If you born as a human being, you are only 10 percent is within you of being human, 90 percent has to be nurtured. This is the significant thing about being human because the rang of possibilities of how many varities of human being you can be within yourself is too many. So human parenting is an important aspect. Once you bare a child, it's a 20 year project. That is if they do well, if they do not do well, it is a life-long project. You want them to do well so that you can be free because you understand that if they do not well they will sit in your lap for rest of your life.So, what you have to give them ? You do not have to teach them tricks of the world that they will learn. Some will learn easy, some will learn the hard way. It's ok they must learn it their way. What you give them is to be human being. For all this you must look at yourself. You do not have to do much with them . If child is born in your home you should not think you have to do something with the child you must look at yourself because children do not listen to you they just looking at you, observing every little thing that you do. How you seat?, How you stand?, How you speak?, What is the expression on your face? All this they seeing in you. See how the child is looking? He is not listening to you he is looking so you must become in such a way that. when he looks at you he wants to be like must become a star to your child . Child should think my father is a star not because you are popular in the world but he sees you as the best human being that he can think of because there is not much exposure for him there is a safety. He is not seeing so many people he is just seeing mother-father or few people. Among the few people that he sees he must look at you as you are the best man out here. If he sees that ..that's what I am working on..if he sees that .. he will anyway go that way. If he does not see you that way, then he will look all over the place for some other kind of, the examples that he sees are not necessarily at home or school or in the neighbourhood. They are in some where in another part of world  they may not even exist but they influencing him. So especially , if his screen time has to go down you must be a really superstar at home. It's not just for him..for everyone of you. This the only way your child wants to be who you are. Then you try as hard as you want.he will do everything that you do not like. Just to freak you he will do something just in reaction even if you are saying a best thing he is doing opposite of it just in this is very very important. This is not about giving freedom this is not about being strict. You just creat an atmosphere where he naturally looking up to you, he want to be like you . In this way if you fix yourself everything is fine .you need to work on youself not on them. (Said by sadguru).